• MAG#39 | July 2019

    Branching out internationally For the first time in its history, CONSULTYS is developing its business through a strategy of external growth with the integration of two Swiss companies, Aston Life Sciences and Prismond Group. In line with our desire for international expansion, this operation allows us to visibly penetrate the market, positioning ourselves directly as …

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  • MAG#38 | March 2019

    Confirming our ambitions The year began in good stead and the excellent results of 2018 confirm our development prospects. One of the group’s strategic challenges is to strengthen our international presence; Consultys Benelux has been leading the way and is gradually extending its prospecting area in Flanders. We are also aiming for a prominent place …

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  • MAG#37 | November 2018

    DESTINATION 2019 The year will be coming to an end in a few weeks, and we can already congratulate ourselves on the progress of our business. This success is down to everyone: our ties with our current clients have been strengthened and new client accounts have been opened. At the same time, our offer of …

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  • mag_36_recharge_batteries_summer

    MAG#36 | July 2018

    High performance through strong values At the beginning of 2015, when Florent, Pierre and I were looking into the idea of setting up a company specialised in pharmaceutical engineering, we met the CAPEX Purchasing Manager at Sanofi Pasteur. We wanted to tell him about our idea of forming a company with strong values and to …

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    MAG#35 | March 2018

    2018: attracting talent and thinking global In March, the year is already well underway so your Mag is bringing itself up to speed and celebrating our vitality, our confidence and our optimism. Like Alexandrine on the front cover, we are striding ahead with conviction and commitment. The future is encouraging and the first half of …

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  • consultys_34_strenght_group

    MAG#34 | November 2017

    A great year ahead The second half of 2017 has been rich in activities, projects and successes, confirming the positive trends of the first half of the year. Our group has recorded significant growth and an increase in turnover of almost 20% gives us every confidence for the future. This annual growth is rooted in your …

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  • mag_33_consultys_likes_podiums

    MAG#33 | June 2017

    A green future A great year has come to an end, and we are delighted to see that in 2016, we confirmed our positions and continued to develop our business within our areas. This is reflected in a 21% increase in turnover, giving us faith in a future full of new ambitions. The group’s good health …

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  • mag_32_2017_trust

    MAG#32 | February 2017

    Confident for 2017 After an excellent year in 2016, rich in positive events, we are once again ready to face new challenges. Thanks to strong growth and turnover 20% higher than last year, we are laying solid foundations for the future. Loyal to our values and clearly positioned, our strategic choices have once again been …

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  • mag_31_consultys_future

    MAG#31 | October 2016

    Together! This editorial follows on from the strategic decisions that we recently announced. It is intended to be enthusiastic and tonic, like the future of Consultys Group. Could we have chosen to change nothing when faced with competitors who move on, not waiting for us to catch up? Our choice enables us to take a …

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