This editorial follows on from the strategic decisions that we recently announced. It is intended to be enthusiastic and tonic, like the future of Consultys Group.

Could we have chosen to change nothing when faced with competitors who move on, not waiting for us to catch up? Our choice enables us to take a step that we could not otherwise have taken.

Consultys Group is now part of the Pharma & Biotech brand of Vulcain Ingénierie and coherent synergy means that new areas of growth are opening up.

We can take this step thanks to your talents and commitment. We would like you to know how proud and grateful we are of the progress we have already made together. During 10 years of growth, we have built a coherent, expert, competitive structure, without compromising our fundamental values: people are still and will always be at the centre of our concerns. The record figures for cooptation recruitment further validate this value!

For now, we invite you to read this 31st internal newsletter. It includes an interview with our new partner, Vulcain Ingénierie, and presents the latest news from each of our sectors. There is slightly less going on in summer, and it is mostly focussed on your news, your projects, teams and the resulting cohesion… and that little something that makes us different.

The Consultys Group lives on and reinvents itself, and we have every confidence in the future.

Happy reading!

Florent et Philippe