2017 with confidence

After an excellent year in 2016, rich in positive events, we are once again ready to face new challenges. Thanks to strong growth and a turnover 20% higher than last year, we are laying solid foundations for the future. Loyal to our values and clearly positioned, our strategic choices have once again been validated, enabling us to look forward to 2017 with confidence.

In confidence, because Consultys continues to develop with complete independence, supported by our new partner.

With confidence, because our communication strategy that enhances our employer brand and your Cooptation actions continue to bear fruit, attracting talents that will improve the quality of our activities and the services we provide to our clients.

The group now has more than 200 consultants and controls its growth carefully, only selecting motivated experts who believe in our values. On this topic, Stéphanie’s portrait illustrates just how involved and often loyal you are (at the end of MAG). With confidence, because we have maintained our activity in the first quarter, suggesting a positive trend for 2017.

So, with confidence and in this MAG 32, we have decided to highlight the news of this first quarter, the end of year dinners.

End of year or beginning of year… it matters little because these are important moments that have become essential to the group. They are intended to close the year in a friendly manner, providing an opportunity to get together, to get to know each other, to find out more… and they are also a festive and stimulating way to start the new year. Photo review in the next few pages.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and wish you all a happy 2017!

Florent et Philippe