``With my technical qualifications and a Masters degree in project management - production of healthcare products, I had the opportunity to join Consultys in 2012. The responsibilities and tasks I am offered enable me to develop my technical skills in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment.
Consultys accompanied me and remained attentive to my needs during this important period and at the beginning of my professional career.

Transparency and appreciation of experience are the Consultys value in which I believe, and they have helped me to feel at ease and make progress in this business.``

Elodie, Rhone-Alps
``I have a doctorate in Biology and joined Consultys after a few ``solo`` professional experiences. Straight away, I appreciated the feeling of belonging to a company. We have plenty of opportunities to get together as consultants and with the founders of the company, either for our projects or for more informal events.
The projects proposed by Consultys cover various scientific and technical fields. We can all find projects to suit our skills and professional ambitions, as I have been doing for the past four years, providing analytical support to inspection laboratories.

I believe that the main qualities to be enhanced in a consultant's professional life are sound technical skills, of course, but also a good capacity for adaptation. Our customers expect us to fit in quickly with existing teams for each new project, which is a challenge that I particularly enjoy in my work!``

Emilie, Rhone-Alps
``When I was contacted by Consultys, from the first interview, I felt a ``bond``, a feeling of being in tune with the company's values. This first impression proved correct: the proximity and attentiveness between management and consultants make Consultys a very human-oriented firm.
Consultys has offered a wide variety of experiences to satisfy my scientific curiosity. I have been able to acquire knowledge in fields quite different from my initial training.

Joining Consultys means joining a company esteemed by its customers, where human values have pride of place. It is also a company that offers opportunity for motivation and the desire to develop your skills.``

Jean-François, Ile de France
``Having worked for four years in the bio-industries, I wanted to preserve the international aspect of my job, but direct my skills more towards project management.
Consultys soon enabled me to use my process development expertise with a customer based in Belgium, for whom I now manage major projects with the USA and Denmark. After a first successful year in my new role, also thanks to the good level of support provided by the managers of Consultys Benelux, I am proud to represent Consultys to my customer and to participate in meetings organised with new consultants.``
Aurélie, BE
``Having qualified as a pharmacist, I had 2½ years' experience on projects involving both quality and production. On joining Consultys, I was sure of being able to pursue and develop my chosen career in pharmaceutical production. Consultys offers the opportunity of enjoying a consultant's role on major projects with highly regarded customers. Working at Consultys also means regular monitoring by the managers, who are attentive to my needs, the achievements and difficulties of my projects and the medium and long term evolution of my career.``
Eyram, BE
``With a Master 2 in analytical chemistry, I worked in pharmaceutical quality for more than eight years.
On the basis of my varied experience, I naturally chose to go into consulting. I opted to join Consultys, because it is one of the few companies that commits to regional mobility. In Consultys, I also found a family-sized company that builds close relationships with its employees.
The managers are always attentive and concerned about the well-being of their consultants. The atmosphere is excellent and there is a real team spirit among the consultants. My position with Consultys enables me to apply the skills I have, while developing new ones.``
Ghizlaine, Western France
``After an 11-year career in laboratories, I wanted to change and work as a consultant. Why? To develop my professional career and take up new challenges.
I chose Consultys for this adventure. Why? To become a consultant and not just a ``service provider``. Joining Consultys means believing in human and industrial values. Consultys applies its desire to reconcile the interests of the group and those of its employees: finding a match between the types of missions proposed, their geographic locations, the professional aspirations of their consultants and the response to be made to the customers' technical requirements.

It was a good choice because I am totally satisfied with my mission, providing expertise and advice to my customer, while learning more about new industrial and pharmaceutical problems.``

Jean-Charles, Western France

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